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EL100 XS

Mini-Media Converter unmanaged

The series EL100-XS contains unmanaged media converters which operate with POF, HCS-, multimode or singlemode fiber optic. Additional features are autonegotiation, MDX/MDIX and extended temperature range The flat design of the stainless steel housing offers an extremely high degree of flexibility and safety for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications. EL100-XS can either be mounted onto a DIN EN rail or fastened onto the wall. A clip is already included in the scope of delivery. EL100-XS is suitable wherever there is little space, e.g. in small distribution boxes. In connection with other systems out of the e-light and DragonLine series respectively,individual applications can be realized. Apart from that there is a version for the installation in PCs – a perfect alternative for network interface cards with fiber optic connectors. This card allows connecting fiber optics without any modification in the operation system. Since many PCs do not have a separate network interface card anymore, but network jacks on the mainboard, e-light PC is a low cost solution even if no PCI slot is available any more. A cable (included in the scope of delivery) can be used to power the device from the power supply of the PC so that you only have to connect the network interface card of the PC and the media converter with a network cable.