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Distributing Fiber Optic Data Communication Solutions for Industrial Automation

As a prominent distributor of the highest quality industrial automation and electrical control components, panels and systems, Gross Automation is proud to offer top of the line fiber optic transmissions technologies from the EKS brand. EKS products and network technology are known for powering network security and performance solutions from automation and energy production to safety technology and data centers.

In addition to offering the fullest selection of top manufacturer product lines, Gross Automation delivers world-class, value-added engineering services including electrical control panel design and assembly in our highly praised UL listed panel shop. From OEMs to systems integrators and all types of manufacturers, Gross Automation is here to help increase productivity and grow the bottom line with the best industrial automation and electrical control technologies.

Distributed by Gross Automation

Gross Automation leads the industry in producing the most reliable and trendy solutions out there.


EKS has been designing, manufacturing and supplying fiber optic systems since 1989.


EKS has products ranging from passives, ethernet, to interface. In parallel, Gross Automation is a proud distributor for EKS Fiber Optic Systems.

Gross Automation is the only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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